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Long, full and well-shaped lashes are a dream.

Make it come true! No one will be able to resist your look. Lash lifting, lash lamination and lash extensions are an eye-catcher in every way you look at them. We will always stay true to your type with our treatments. It does not matter if you prefer discreet or striking and extravagant. Our treatments are as unique as you are. Depending on the makeup of your lashes we will either recommend the single-lash-technique or the volume-technique for your extensions. In both cases your lashes will be supplemented by artificial ones. The result is impressive in every way. If you prefer natural, discreet and swinging, our lash lifting or lash lamination are just the thing for you. These treatments rely entirely on your natural lashes and will give them the proper swing.


Lash Lifting;59 Euro
Lash Lamination69 Euro
Lash extension
First time lash extension with single lashes129 Euro
Fill-in after 2 weeks25 Euro
Fill-in after 3 weeks35 Euro
Fill-in after 4 weeks45 Euro
Complete re-do after 5 weeks
First time lash extension with volume-lashes149 Euro
Fill-in after 2 weeks35 Euro
Fill-in after 3 weeks45 Euro
Fill-in after 4 weeks55 Euro
Complete re-do after 5 weeks


The single-lash-technique is the classic method for lash extensions. We recommend this treatment for especially dense and full upper lashes. We will apply one artificial lash to every natural one. Of course, we will discuss the length of the extensions, i.e. artificial lashes, beforehand. That way, a beautiful and natural look that everyone enjoys looking at develops bit by bit.


The 3D-Volume-technique fills in the gaps in upper lashes and gives them more volume. It is your decision how much fulness you want for your look. A fan will be created out of several artificial lashes. It will then be applied to your healthy and groomed natural lashes. From a range between discreet filling to “Russian Volume” we will create your individual look.

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How does eyelash lifting work? How long will the treatment take? How does eyelash lamination work? How does microblading work? Who is microshading suitable for?

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