How long does the lash lamination last?

You will enjoy the lamination effect 4 – 8 weeks. After the first lash lamination, the lash density is already increased by up to 30 %. Should you come to us with fragile or even broken lashes, we recommend a renewal of the lash lamination after four weeks. If you have medium-long natural hair, a treatment every six to seven weeks is enough.

What are the benefits?

Both lash lifting and lash lamination lift your own lashes instead of applying artificial ones. The main difference is that, during the lamination, the lashes are strengthened and built from within with keratin. They appear more groomed, full and longer. Your natural lashes are sealed with a protective layer. Afterwards they will shine beautifully and receive a gorgeous curve. You will lose fewer of the tiny hairs. Your lashes will become more resistant and can grow longer.

How does lash lamination work?

Before we start with the lash lamination, we clean and degrease your lashes. Afterwards we will put special, tiny silicone pads on your lids and your lashes’ hairline, doing a lash lifting. That way, your lashes’ curve will be perfected and your lash-hair will become longer.

For your lash-colour we will use a colour developer. It contains mineral oils, castor oil and glycerine. These components fill the lashes’ colour pigments and achieve a more intense colouring.

In the following we will cover your lashes in a protective layer of keratin. Nutrients will provide your lashes with vitamins, moisture and proteins. After the lash lamination they are protected from external influences.

What do I have to keep in mind after the lash lamination?

From now on you can go without your mascara and eyelash curler. In order for you to enjoy an ideal and long-lasting result, you should keep the following rules in mind:

Please avoid any water contact with your eyes for 24 hours after the procedure. Please do not take a shower or put on lotion either! After the 24 hours, you can go back to your accustomed skin and beauty care.

Please use water-soluble mascara.

Please make sure you use products without oil or alcohol for your make-up removal.

Sauna, steam baths or solariums should only be used once a week.

Apart from that, we advise against the use of an eyelash-curler.