Genuine handcraft for the eyebrows

Natural Brow Microblading / Microshading

Re-filling gaps, densifying brows and complete fresh modelling – with the microblading / microshading handcraft you will receive a permanent look for your eyebrows. It will be hard to distinguish the drawn hair from the real thing. Our handcraft, where we reproduce the hair with professional ease, makes it possible. This is the big difference to conventional permanent make-up, which can often be recognised by the “beam-effect”. With our method your brows’ natural look will be preserved.

And this is how it’s done:

We will measure the perfectly attuned brows according to the golden cut and trace the desired brow shape. With tiny, fine needles (blades) the colour pigments will be applied to the eyebrows. Slowly but gradually delicate hair will become visible. Perfectly shaped eyebrows are the result. Your eyebrows will be perfectly styled, from early morning until late in the night. Being beautiful has never been this simple.

Portfolio Microblading


Microblading Eyebrows
329 Euro
Follow-up after 4 - 6 weeks
59 Euro
Microshading Powder Brows incl.1. follow-up
329 Euro
Microblading Eyebrows Renewal after 1 year
129 Euro
Microblading Eyebrows Renewal after 2 years
229 Euro

Are you unsure or have questions?

How does eyelash lifting work? How long will the treatment take? How does eyelash lamination work? How does microblading work? Who is microshading suitable for?

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